What's on my nails?

It's addicting...once you're on a nail polish streak you just can't seem to stop! After Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year...the colour red was just bombarding me and I had to take a break! So here it is: Essie's Like Linen. In the bottle, it looks like a pale cream with a slight tinge of pink - very faint though. Essie's website describes it as a soft and creamy neutral. It can be seen that the formula is pretty sheer, which is why I bought this. I had been looking for a sheer neutral polish for ages and I'm so glad I managed to snatch this up from Bonjour for $49HKD only - what a steal! 

As with all Essie polishes, formula was amazing. It has a thin consistency but applies evenly and no problems with streaking. If you are going for the semi-sheer effect, two coats would probably be enough. However, in the photo I used four coats (I guess I'm not yet able to let go of my obsession with opaque colour!) but even with the Seche Vite Quick Dry top coat I did not end up with gel-like thickness at all! I am definitely in love with this colour for when you feel like painting your nails, but want to keep it neutral and not end up with mannequin-hands. If I'm not wrong this colour is in Essie's permanent collection so definitely take a look if you're ever looking for a nice everyday colour!