Hi everyone, welcome to Fashionibble!

This is the blog that you will be reading every day from now on- it's that amazing. It will be mainly a makeup/nails/fashion blog, although occasionally we'll have DIY, home decor, and random favorites posted here too! In simpler words, this blog is about anything girly!  Think, Youtube guru in print form... (if that makes sense.  It is run by two 852-girls, C and J (852 is the country code of Hong Kong, an island in China, in case you didn't know!). 

Below are a few facts about each of us for you to get to know us better!

Favourite colour: Depends on what phase I'm going through!  Usually, I can deal with anything but brown and mustard yellow :@
Favourite food: Sushi, steak, burgers and everything fattening...
Favourite pastimes: I'm beyond lazy so I usually love to do anything that allows me to just lounge around...
Favourite TV show(s): FRIENDS is just classic and will never get old.  Reality TV (Kardashians and The Voice) are just great for chilling down with... I also have a weakness for teen dramas (as long as they aren't too scary) eg. 90210 and Gossip Girl.  The only crime show I ever tried was Prison Break and it was sooo worth the nightmares that I had as a result...
Favourite artists: I'm quite a mainstream music girl so I usually listen to most of whats on the Billboard... That being said... Adam Levine is my eargasm.
Fashion inspiration: TAYLOR SWIFT <3  Who doesn't like vintage and classy?!  I also love Lauren Conrad's SoCal look and nobody does structure-chic like Victoria Beckham!  Don't get me wrong though, the Spice Girls look is so not cute...
Fun fact: I hate eggs.

Favourite colour: as of right now, probably either anything pastel or red (think along the lines of China Glaze's Merry Berry!)
Favourite food: I LOVE SUSHI, it's probably the only thing I'll never be tired of eating!
Favourite pastimes: shopping (or surfing online shops), reading, tidying my room...
Favourite TV show(s): FRIENDS, no doubt it's my favourite - I swear I've watched every episode at least five times and still the jokes never get old! I also like 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, How I Met Your Mother, and Full House.
Favourite artist(s): Beyoncé is queen of R&B, and Passion Pit is my favorite band. I listen to a range of music, but most of the stuff I listen to is indie.
Fashion inspiration: Miley Cyrus and Miranda Kerr
Fun fact: I'm left-handed!

We hope you got to know us better, we would love to know you guys better too! Comment below and answer the same questions, it's all anonymous which just contributes to the fun of it!  You can also leave suggestions of what posts you would like to see in the future.  We are new at this, so any help you can offer would be great!

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C & J