Jack Wills Haul

Jack Wills recently had a friends and family sale on Facebook, which gave their 'likers' a whole 30% off! Considering the extravagant prices at the "fabulously British" shop, of course I rushed there to pick up some goodies!

As you can see, I didn't exactly go all out and buy everything in sight, but just because it's 30% off doesn't mean everything is still priced reasonably! 

First of all, my favourite from the haul - the Halley Make-up Bag (for some reason the Hong Kong site isn't available anymore??). The exterior is a smooth PVC coating over a cotton fabric, which means it's waterproof and such a relief to clean! I currently use it as a pencil case for school, it's the perfect size to fit all my pens, highlighters, and especially my calculator. There are two compartments, one on each side and the lining is absolutely gorgeous - they're the classic Jack Wills stripes. The interior is actually pretty roomy, although I'm not sure I'd use it as a make-up bag myself. I tend to carry a minimum of make-up when I go out, and for my everyday products it's a bit too small!

Secondly, I got the Tetwin phone sleeve in the same PVC-coated material as the make-up bag in the classic Jack Wills pattern. The story is that I'm not a big fan of using a hard case on my phone because it feels too bulky, and my mom keeps bugging me about protecting my phone in case the screen cracks (again). I got this as a compromise! It fits perfectly around my iPhone 4s (which has the same dimensions as an iPhone 4) as well as an iPhone 3G. If I remember correctly I tried fitting my mom's iPhone 5 in there too and it fits just at the top (so for all of you who are lucky enough to buy the beautiful elongated version of the previous iPhone, you'll have no trouble fitting your precious phone in there! I'm not sure about any other phone models but a Samsung Galaxy S3 would definitely NOT fit in there!

Finally, I got the Beamont keyring (they don't have the exact one I have on the website!) just to replace the plain ring I had before. It now carries my house keys and locker key. I love the circle charm with the pheasant in a suit, but it's probably gonna be all scratched up soon...

For those of you who are confused and saying to yourself "I swear I saw more than three items in the photo!", I congratulate you on your amazing observation skills! I'm going to save the introduction of these polishes for my next post, which will include swatches and comparisons, so stay tuned!