Rimmel London Natural Bronzer Review

For my first solo blog post, I will be reviewing my new Rimmel London's Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze.  Being lazy and a hermit, I'm as pale as a ghost.  Even my mother wonders whether I have the albino gene in me.  So naturally, some sort of bronzing product is a staple in my makeup routine.
If you were wondering how I managed to get my hands on this product from HK, my amazing friend brought it back from England.  I believe it was around the £6 mark which is not bad for 14g of product. He (yes, a guy) also managed to snatch up a Scandal eyes eyeliner (more on this later).

The powder comes in a clear plastic packaging.  Although it's not terrible, the twist cap makes it fiddly when I'm in a rush to apply in the morning and the lack of mirror is not preferable either.  It is not the most luxurious of packaging but for only a few pounds, I wouldn't have expected much more.  

The bronzer is dark enough to show up on my skin yet doesn't look muddy my albino complexion.  The colour may be a little on the orange side but I like this for a sun-kissed look.  I like to use it with a large fluffy brush to dust all over the outskirts of the white blob I call my face.  I find that this gives the most awakening and natural wash of colour.

The finish is close to matte but not quite.  It is somewhat satin-y but not shimmery.  This again adds a welcome "glow" to the face. 

The product itself is smooth and blend-able.  It is not at all chalky nor powdery.  I think this is a definitely important for a healthy subtle tan (albeit being faked).

There is a slight fresh scent to the bronzer itself.  It is far from being unpleasant but this may be noted by anybody who is hyper-sensitive to fragrances. 

I have not used it enough to comment on the wear time but it does seem pretty long-lasting on the skin.

Overall, I would recommend you check this bronzer out the next time in the drugstore and see if you like it as much as I do.  It's ability to make me look human-like and give colour to my face has already helped it earn a spot in my everyday essential makeup kit.

xx, C