What's on my nails? #2

Taking a break from studying - yes, I'm guilty of painting my nails. 

It's a terrible habit of mine, but it's a great (not sure if this is the right word to use...) distraction to take my mind off exams. I also decided it'd be a more interesting post for those of you enduring the same stress as we are...let's put some colour on the blog!

I am currently wearing Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Lacey Lilac. It's such a beautiful colour; I've really been into pastels lately! It's the perfect spring colour for purple fanatics out there, and a really nice transition into more spring/summer-like hot pinks and neons. As the name suggests, it's a lilac colour but I would say that this is on the slightly darker side as opposed to Essie Lilacism (I'm not 100% sure though, I don't have my bottle with me right now!). The polish is opaque in two coats, although it can be streaky sometimes. However, I love that the formula is thin enough to not go all gloopy. 

Sorry for the terrible photo quality - I used my iPhone to take this photo instead of my DSLR. I can promise there'll be better photos in the future!

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