New wallet!

Sorry guys, I know I keep apologizing for the delay in posting, but exams are coming up in less than 3 weeks and we're both very stressed! It's our GCSEs, so we really don't want to mess them up.

Here is my lame excuse for not being here for a while, a post of some photos from last month (I had meant to post them, but obviously I didn't have the time!). 

The wallet is from Accessorize and was around $200 if I remember correctly (in my defense, it was more than a month ago!). This wallet is so unique and nothing like I've ever seen before, and in case you didn't know, I'm a huge sucker for cutouts - I have a cutout dress from River Island which I have yet to show you guys! I love the feel of this wallet, it feels expensive because it's really nice (fake) leather and it's also super sturdy, unlike the wallets that they usually sell. Also, it's a nice neutral colour to match with any outfit!

I'd been looking for a wallet prior to buying this - from brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, to Kate Spade, to Tory Burch...but they were all so pricey and nothing was perfect. I think this was a good compromise in terms of price, size, and design!

The pattern is the same on both sides.

As you can see, my wallet is practically empty (spent too much money last month...).

A couple of receipts...Some are from last summer when I went to the US because they don't have those stores here, eg. Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Bath and Body Works...

Just thought I might as well show you what was on my nails - Pink Friday by OPI from the Nicki Minaj collection. I love the colour so much, perfect to brighten up your gloomy day (Hong Kong weather sucks...)!

Yes, it's a mini from a set that my friends got me for Christmas a few years back.

Couldn't resist putting in one more photo! I absolutely love both the wallet and the polish colour! Casual photo whilst waiting at the bus stop ;) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, not exactly the most interesting to read but I promise we won't let you down, keep checking out the blog every once in a while!

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